The weekend that was
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The weekend that was

Trying this out

This is a little late, but welcome to a review of my weekends here in Deutschland.  This time there are around are only a few things that I saw either while I was out and about or hanging with friends.

It was a very delightful weekend as always here in Stuttgart.  I got to try out a new a restaurant Ambiente Africa, this was a very interesting place.  Since we didn’t make a reservations, getting a seat wasn’t easy, so we sat in the traditional seating.  This consisted of us sitting on the ground, Indian style or something like that.  This area along with a few other spots were covered by sand.  This was pretty cool.  The food was pretty solid, even though I probably should’ve gotten something else just because I wanted something with more sauce.  In any case though the food was very tasty.  The person I was out with had something that was pretty good as well.

Pictures from the weekend

Just like on any weekend I have around town, a few interesting pictures are taken.  This weekend is no different.

It started Friday night before I went to dinner.  The guy in front of me at the grocery store had on no shoes.  Yes boys and girls, no shoes.  He was buy some wine, along with a chocolate easter bunny.  It was funny that the bunny he bought he actually gave to the cashier.  That was pretty cool.

Saturday the shops in Stuttgart were open until midnight.  Now when places are open like this, you know they are looking for a big night.  This is a very nice market, where you can find some good food at a higher price range.

Finally for the pictures, my mom made a chocolate cake, with a cream cheese icing.  It was very tasty, which got some very good responses.  Gotta love a good cake.  Recipe will follow very soon.

Interesting Music from the day

In the Schoßplatz you are able to find various performers.  This time around was a small group doing Dave Brubeck’s Take Five.  Didn’t sound to bad I don’t think.

Well, another weekend is about to start very soon for me.  The weather is looking nice.  Watch out for some good stuff to happen.  If you see anything cool.  Drop it in the comments.

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