ImageIf you aren’t worried about having a black cat walking in your path, a mirror breaking, or if you aren’t to busy looking for that rabbits foot, then one of the best MC’s around, Raekwon is going to be at Sonar in Baltimore this Friday the 13th.

Raekwon  has been on the scene for a while now, since 1992 to be exact.  Raekwon is known by a few other names as well.  His real name is Corey Woods, then he is also called Chef Raekwon, and the Chef along with being a member of the famed Wu-Tang Clan, where he continues to record with them at various times.  He also founded the record labelIce H20 as well.

His music and style range from a variety of taped mixes, sample tracks, and just old school rap songs, which has some traces to Mafioso rap, a hardcore hip hop style of rap and hip.  This contiues on as Raekwon is on his newest tour, Unexpected Victory Tour.  This tour has coinsided with the release of his newest mixtape by the same name at the  beginning of this year.  The tour will take him across the country, which stops at all the East coast hot spots.  As you can see in the video below, this is going to be a very interesting tour.

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