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Stuttgart’s​ Best Burgers

In my 7 years of living in Germany, mainly here in Stuttgart, there are various meals I really do miss from the states.  Now I can easily cook these things myself, but as we all know, there is a time, when you don’t want to have to go and buy the ingredients for whatever.  You don’t want to have to go and have that random jar of this or that, then a month later think, “What am I going to do with this?”

Over the years I have become resourceful.  That big bottle of tahini, well you can make a dressing, use it for a crumble topping, even make a dessert, I should say desserts.  I digress, those meals I really miss are those things that even though I can fix it, you want someone else to make it for you because that’s how you learn to taste food differently, figure out how something was made, then go back home, make it myself.  That, in turn, saves me about €20 ($23), when I really want to go and fix that meal myself.

With all of that, what do I miss?  First has to be Mexican.  I really never thought I would miss a good Mexican meal, but once you have been burned several times here in Stuttgart, then the closest good place is in Munich.  You figure out what you are missing.  The second thing, which if you just didn’t just scroll down and miss the title, is a burger.  Who knew that a city could mess up the humble, simple hamburger.  Stuttgart is always right there saying, “Hold my beer.”

The bright side is that Stuttgart over the last few years has improved their burger game.  I have tried a good amount of the burger places here, even did a little Facebook poll last week, just to see what some of my friends thought about a few places too.  With all of that, I’m going to be going over what I feel are Stuttgart’s Best Burgers.  Yes, there are more new places.  I have tried a lot of them.  Of course, I might do another list, but these are the ones I think everyone should try.

Let’s look at a few of the places Stuttgart has to offer, in no particular order:

Triple B


Triple B came on the scene several years ago and they raised the game in Stuttgart in a major way.  One of the problems that you find a lot of the time in Stuttgart is that they add a lot of unnecessary extras in their “burgers”.  As one friend described it, the burger in Stuttgart is meatloaf.  At Triple B you are getting a true beef burger that is cooked correctly.  You have a lot of options for burgers too.  You can get a standard cheeseburger, have a little spice, with some jalapenos, or if you are feeling really fancy, you can get some gold on your burger.  Yes, that’s right, editable gold on a burger.

Now let’s talk about the extras, like fries.  The fries are pretty good there.  They compliment the burger perfectly.  Unfortunately, another sign that you aren’t in a burger eating cultural, fries aren’t included.  You have to order them separately.  You can either get a space portion or a large, which is enough for two people if you are dining with someone else.  Lastly, when you order a burger here, remember to get the bigger burger.  One more time, because I know, a lot of people won’t know what I’m talking about.  They have a 100-gram (around 4 ounces) burger and a 200-gram burger (around 7 ounces).  Go big!  It fits better when it comes to eating it and let’s be honest, bigger is better when it comes to a burger.

Prices:  The price range for a burger here goes from a standard burger at 200 grams (remember, go big, I’m not steering you wrong) €8.50 ($10) up to the 23 karat gold burger at €19.90 ($23).  If you want to add fries, then add €2.90 ($3.40) to the total.  You are spending around €12-€15 ($14-$18) for a normal burger, drinks not included.

Locations:  Triple B has a location in Stuttgart, their newest one, along with the original in Zuffenhausen.  Try both, The Stuttgart location is in the center of town, always very busy.  Not a lot of space, depending on when you arrive.  The Zuffenhausen location allows you to move around a little bit more, but still, both get very busy.  Lastly, the Stuttgart location is closed on Sundays.

The Burger House


The Burger House comes in as another good burger place that I normally like to try.  First, they are a chain, I know some people don’t like chains, but they aren’t a McDonald’s like chain.  Though they have a Burger House in Kuwait City, which is amazing to me.  A chain from Bavaria, with one location in the Middle East, not bad.

Getting back to the burgers though.  The Burger House has a very good burger, that is juicy and cooked to order.  You want medium, you can get medium.  Frankly, medium is the best way to go.  I’m not a hockey puck fan.  Their burgers are 125 grams (5 ounces), yes a little small compared to Triple B, but the flavor is there.  You can get a double burger, but you can stick with regular size.  Fries are extra, but they also have sweet potato fries, if you want something different.  Not to mention they have hand cut fries, pretty much wedges, but they are good if you are in that mood.

If you want to get something other than your standard bacon, cheese, or just a regular burger.  Burger House throws you some interesting toppings.  The Chorizo burger, a slice of deli-style chorizo, gouda cheese, and a basil sauce.  The Big West, a fried onion ring, bacon, and bbq sauce.  Not to mention the Vato Loco Burger, guacamole, jalapeños, and bacon.

Prices:  The prices for the burgers here range from €4.99 ($6) for a small cheeseburger, 75 grams (3 ounces) up to €15.99 ($19) for a jumbo burger, 500 grams (around 1 pound).  Add fries to that, €2.99 ($3.50).  If you are going to get a classic burger that’s €7.49 ($8.80), with fries, you are at about €11 ($13).  The other burgers, like The Big West, are €9.99 so you could be spending €13 ($15), again, drinks not included.

Locations:  As stated before, The Burger House is a chain, the original in Stuttgart is in the center of town.  They have a location in Stuttgart-West as well, along with Ludswigburg as well.  They are open every day which is a plus for sure.



Burger.Place, that is the name of the place and the website, FYI.  This a Canadian style burger.  I know for many Americans, you would think what do they know about burgers, but this place is good.  They serve up a 175 grams (6 ounces) burger, that has good flavor is all beef.  They have a new location in Zuffenhausen, their original was in Feuerbach, which is where I originally found them.  Not a complete cooked to order burger, so no medium for you.  Though they don’t cook it until the cows come home.  See what I did there?  The people who run it, are German, who spent several years in Canada, learning the ways of the burgers, probably also picked up some hockey skills too.

Just like other places and the trend nowadays, you can get your burger with a lot of stuff.  Can I interest you in a Pulled Pork Beefty-Boy?  That’s a burger topped with pulled pork, bbq, along with the normal toppings, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  You can even design your own burger if you would like.  Fries are extra, but they also have onion rings and poutine for our Canadian friends.  I’m not sure if they are real cheese curds, or they are using mozzarella, so be cautious there.

Prices:  The prices range from €6.50 ($7.65) for the kids and senior burger, that is 110 grams (almost 4 ounces) up to €19.95 ($24) for a burger that is pretty much man v. food style of a burger.  4 patties, a lot of cheese and bbq sauce.  Add fries €2.95 ($3.50), you are spending about €10-€23 ($12-$27).  Drinks as is normal, aren’t included.  Though, at Burger.Place, they have root beer, plus a few other interesting beverages, not just beer.  If you are interested.

Locations:  Burger.Place has just one location.  They are closed on Sundays, so Monday through Saturday are your times to go and get a tasty Canadian style burger.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t mention it for all of the places, but each one has a veggie burger option, not to mention a chicken sandwich, or as they call it, a chicken burger.

The Bun Game

I am a big bread person.  I like my bread to be a certain way.  With that being said, don’t look for the perfect bun with any of these places.  Just go in and taste the burger.  The Burger House has a decent bun, the rest are OK, but it’s not like what I know a lot of you are looking for.  On the other hand, the buns are locally made in a lot of cases, so that is something for you all.

Please comment, share, and definitely try out some burgers!  Stuttgart has a burger place on like every corner nowadays.  Cheers!




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