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Sugar Ray getting back together and coming to Baltimore in July, and other venues near you

Mcgrath_navarro_bliveLike so many groups from previous decades have decided to do, Sugar Ray is getting back together this summer, with a new tour as well as a new album.  Not to mention one of their first stops will be to Baltimore’sRams Head Live.  

The groups new album will be called “Music for Cougars”, which will be set to drop on July 21st.  The bands frontman Mark McGrath quit his television gig as co-host of the celebrity  news program “Extra” in September to focus on writing the newest album.

This will be the bands first tour since taking a hiatus in 2003.  All the original members are returning, as well as their easy layback style of breezy, reggae-tinged music, which brought them radio hits in the 90s like, “Fly,” “Someday,” and “Every Morning.”  Like countless groups the new millennium brought on poor popularity, and weak record sales for the group, they decided to take a break to pursue other projects.

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