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The Running List of Vancouver, WA’s Restaurant, Bar, and Coffee Shops, and More Closures

Everything has to come to an end, those are words we are all very familiar with. Unfortunately, in the restaurant world that means closed spaces. In turn that leaves communities with fewer choices on where to spend time. In Vancouver, WA, recently several places have closed. If you look for information on who, what, and why, it’s not always that easy to find. Welcome to that list. This is the Vancouver, WA list of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and more that have closed down. Some places are chains, and others are local places that decided it was time to try something else. The aim is to provide a somewhat comprehensive list of places that left the downtown Vancouver location. The hope is to expand the list to all o Vancouver when information can be found. Big Town Hero The Vancouver location of Big Town Hero closed at some point in February. On their location page, currently, it says they are temporarily closed while moving to a new location. The sandwich shop which is an Oregon-based chain was …

Stuttgart’s​ Best Burgers

In my 7 years of living in Germany, mainly here in Stuttgart, there are various meals I really do miss from the states.  Now I can easily cook these things myself, but as we all know, there is a time, when you don’t want to have to go and buy the ingredients for whatever.  You don’t want to have to go and have that random jar of this or that, then a month later think, “What am I going to do with this?” Over the years I have become resourceful.  That big bottle of tahini, well you can make a dressing, use it for a crumble topping, even make a dessert, I should say desserts.  I digress, those meals I really miss are those things that even though I can fix it, you want someone else to make it for you because that’s how you learn to taste food differently, figure out how something was made, then go back home, make it myself.  That, in turn, saves me about €20 ($23), when I really want …

Get some free food at KFC

In what has to be the best thing coming, KFC is giving away a piece of their Kentucky Grilled chicken tomorrow (Monday April 27, 2009).  Their site has some very interesting things up about the grilled chicken.  You don’t need any coupon, just come in and get your free piece of chicken.   I’m thinking they will most likely run out of chicken by 8 or earlier, then after that, you will have a lot of unhappy people, but that is the way of free things.  Most KFC’s are open from 11am to 10pm.  Enjoy some free bird!