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7 of the Best Moscow Mules from Around the World

Oh the Moscow Mule, you know the drink, right? Ginger beer, vodka, and some lime. That’s it, that’s the recipe. Thanks for stopping by, we’ll see you next time. OK, there is a little bit more to this.

Peach Moscow Mule

It’s all coming to an end.  Sadly, it always comes to an end.  You look at reports, you look outside, things just aren’t the same anymore.  You know it has to end, but why?  Can’t it last forever? Unfortunately, nothing last forever, so yes.  We have to say goodbye to summer.  Oh, I can only wonder what you might have thought I was talking about.  Anyhow, yes, it is Labor day weekend.  The unofficial end to summer, well, for America that is.  Here in Germany, labor day was several months ago.  This week we have seen various temperature swings.  A glorious 80℉ (27℃) plus day, with a few days on the outside, where I’ve seen people wearing heavier than normal jackets.  Yes, it is coming to an end. I, however, will not allow summer to leave without a nice seasonal cocktail or two, maybe three.  Say hello to the Peach Moscow Mule.  A lot of us think of the peach being the star of your peach cobbler, peaches and cream of course too, maybe even a …

A cocktail to start the weekend with

We all have those weeks in which you just want it to end ASAP.  For me that was this week.  Sometimes living in Germany can be the best thing in the world, while other times it can just be a little annoying.  In any case I wanted a cocktail to start my weekend off right.  That’s where I remember a wonderful cocktail I had in Frankfurt back in October at the Luna Bar.  It was a ginger julep.  A few of my friends know my love of ginger, so once I saw this, I was sold. Now a traditional mint julep, which you would generally find during Kentucky Derby time, will have mint, sugar, and of course bourbon.  However for the one at Luna Bar, they used vodka, mint, ginger, lime juice, and soda.  Funny thing is I didn’t realize this until after I made my own, especially since every recipe I looked for to make mine said bourbon. You have several different ways to make a ginger julep.  For this time around I made …