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2021 Goals from the Annual Review

I was happy to do my annual review, so I could to go back and look at my life during 2020. I should also say that I’m happy to just be writing the follow up to the last post. My biggest issue most of the time is follow through. I have recently thought about the ideas I have come up with and never followed up on. I’ve wondered what it would be like if I had a type A personality. I just have issues with getting motivated and continuing things. I generally like to say every year that I’m going to do better and be different, but overall, goals just fall to the wayside.

Looking back and looking forward, My Annual Review

In 2017 I created a post where I went over my resolutions for 2016. It was a good post, if I say so myself, where I had 13 resolutions for the year. I achieved 9 of my resolutions. It was a good year and I was really proud of myself for those things. I also had hoped I would’ve done another good list and just kept it going. In reality, as I generally like to say, “Life happened.”

What do you need

During this lockdown, self-quarantine, self-isolation, stay at home time. I’ve done a lot of interesting things. I’ve decided I wanted to relearn a few things. I’ve cooked, a lot. Boy have I cooked a lot.

I asked a few friends for some things they were cooking or buying. I was so happy when a few got back to me. With that, let’s look at what they were doing. I hope everyone is inspired to examine their habits and maybe it will show you something about yourself.