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11 Of The Best Things I Learned While Living and Traveling in Europe

During all of my trips that happened from about November 2018 to July 2019, I realized and learned things I think I knew years ago, but I guess I just didn’t let the thoughts flow as they should have.  In any case, I came to think about the tips and thought.  What proceeds are what I think are the 11 best things that will be helpful to some, while some will say, yea, duh, I knew that a long time ago.

Malaga, ​the destination, you have to visit

Are you looking for somewhere really nice to go, but isn’t the normal tourist place?  If so, let me tell you about a nice trip my girlfriend and I took to Malaga, Spain.  This fabulous city located in the Costa del Sol (sun coast) region was a great trip, especially since around that time Stuttgart was doing what Stuttgart and various parts of Germany do.  It was starting to be freezing out. Malaga might not be on your list of places to see in Spain, frankly, it wasn’t top of my list either.  We all know the main places, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia.  I should probably mention, I’ve been to those three, though Madrid was only like 6 or 7 hours, but I’m still counting it.  Spanish cities have a charm and chill nature that just make you want to see what they have to offer.  I mean they take siestas, what can be better than that? Now if you look it up, you’ll notice something pretty convenient about making Malaga your starting point.  This is the …

The times you know you should be doing something else

I’m always surprised at the times I tell myself, “You know you should probably get back to writing.”  I then think I should be working on getting something up, I have been to Greece, Spain, back to Belgium, and back to Berlin. I however hadn’t been able to get myself into doing the actual task.  I mean the reason is pretty much I’m a perfectionist.  I’m far from being perfect, for me to go into the reason why would take longer than I really want to get into.  In any case, I’m actually writing something.  I’m working on a true system, so I can do this a whole lot more.  I like writing though actually doing it is the real problem. The first thing to get to is where have I been?  For those of you that haven’t paid attention to the calendar, it is October, which means, it is Oktoberfest time. Unlike last year, when the government was shutdown and I decided to spend a Friday in Munich for Oktoberfest, I’ve only actually been …