Live from New York, it could have been better, if it was next Saturday night

The writers strike is over, so guess what is back?  That’s right Saturday night Live was back in the saddle tonight.  I however think they probably should have given themselves another week to practice.  The standard debate opening during election season opened the show.  I have not seen a worse opening in years.  The big buzz was about how Lorne Michaels (Executive Producer) was looking for an Barack Obama.  I guess Fred Armisen was a somewhat logical choose.  Who in this years cast could really play him?  I however do not think he really practiced that out very well either.  Armisen was stiff like Obama comes off sometime, but his voice was not really close.    I must say though, the writing of the love fest for Obama was great.  The appearance of Obama girl was very cute, along with the inference that the media just loves Obama.  

“Senator Obama, are you OK?  Can I get you anything?”  A very nice line uttered by Will Forte, who was playing Jorge Ramos, the Univision questioner.
The only person who had any depth during the opening sketch was Amy Poehler.  She is does a fantastic Hillary Clinton, “Your forgetting how well we are doing with women over 80.  We are just under 50%.”  A great line by her.  Fred Armisen on the other hand was just flat.  Many may ask why not have a black person play Obama.  What is the real point in that?  Barack Obama is biracial, so Armisen can play the character quite well.  However, if they did find a black comic, who was not apart of the cast, who would it be?  Finesse Mitchell would have been great, unfortunately he hasn’t been part of the cast for a couple of seasons.  Leaving only Kenan Thompson as the lonely African-American cast member.  Something that a show like SNL should be ashamed of.  Another story in itself.
Tina Fey as the host of the show was excellent.  She does embody the SNL spirit.  Especially with the fact that she was a head writer for the show.  A very smart touch for her to appear on Weekend Update.  Her rant about Hillary Clinton being a “bitch” was hilarious.  The insertion of Gov. Mike Huckabee was also great.  Especially after Seth Meyers explained to him how he can’t win the nomination for the Republican party, and they don’t have super delegates in the Republican party 
“Uh Oh!  That’s not good news.  I was counting on those Super delegates.”
Even with the fact that he didn’t know when to late was just funny.  I think a lot of us know that Mike Huckabee is funny, but seeing him on SNL just reaffirmed it.
Besides Weekend Update and musical guess Carrie Underwood, the show only had a few really good sketches.  The Bret Michaels “Rock of Love” sketch was one of those as well.  It was also carried by Amy Poehler.  It is very obvious that Poehler has a very good rhythm with her characters
Overall, the return of Saturday Night Live was just OK.  The show had a handful of good sketches.  The opening sketch tried really hard to be funny.  They wanted you to laugh, but with the exception of Amy Poehler was just flat.  Tina Fey was excellent, but what else would you expect from the star of 30 Rock?  Hopefully next week they will totally have all the rust off, and with the MSNBC debate occurring tonight.  This weeks debate sketch will actually be funny.  Who knows, maybe Brian Williams will make a cameo.  One can only hope.